Experiential Art Exhibition


the cow is the result of a caravan meeting art . the cow brings art exhibitions to your neighbourhood, where you can experience it without the burden of distance.

lean canvas-01.png

Measured by number of people visited, response on social media, bookings.





The common man


Design / Art Learners

To  make art available to everyone who wants to see it.

Get the joy and wonder of art to every street in rural and urban India.

Dearth of art and traditional art galleries in Urban Indian cities with  diverse art.

Make the art move TO the people



Bought and sold paintings

Artists / art galleries whose art is being carried.

Social Media activity, Page visits

Tickets sold.

First of its kind.

Door to Door, 

Social Media

Rental space in the space for artists, Art Sold, Tickets , Merchandise will be the major revenue streams.

These will be used for transport of the art truck and funding for campaigns.

Brought to you in your neighbourhood

at your time.


Very, literally, this is a

mobile art gallery.

Why ?

Because we want to liberate art from the constraints of distance, region & time to give everyone the chance to stumble upon it. 


Outgoing, Extravagant, Loud, Adjusting, Proud, Metamorphic.

Core Values

Loud, Mad, Candid, Innovative, Playful. 

How ?

By bringing art to your streets/neighbourhood

The truck would present art is newer ways, never seen before.

Brand Promise

We promise to bring diversity to the way people look at art by making them see what it actually is, and if experienced, what it could be.


Create a dynamic platform which reaches everyone with or without a known liking for art by breaking the status quo of how art is approached.


Letting art travel, to every city and every street by creating ephemeral experiences unlike the ones you see in a traditional gallery.

the cow white-01.png

Taking inspiration from the way text is mirrored for you to be able to see it  through your viewfinder in the car.

Keeping our three brand colours constant, in varying proportions, we added a fourth colour - individual to each city.

Bangalore's art cow

the cow-orange-01.png
the cow mint-01-01.png
the cow pink-01-01.png
the cow-orange-01.png

Pune's art cow

Mumbai's art cow

poster mockup.jpg

the cow, bringing art to you.


Teaser Poster

Route of the cow and theme posters

mockup artist reveal.jpg

An introduction to the artists carried by the cow, in this exhibit.

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The website is common for all cities and changes until the user specifies their own city.


Tickets : Tear away tickets, e-tickets

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On site collaterals : Brochures, Artist Handbooks, Paper Cups

A collaborative classroom project done with Samyuktha Sam.