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Design for social impact

iwork, a campaign designed to instill the value of dignity of labour in children from a tender age.

The campaign conducted in schools, will have interesting activities designed to make children more aware, empathetic and sensitive towards all forms of work.


The campaign aims at making children understand what the emotion behind work should be and how each form of work makes a difference.

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Each class would be provided with

a kit having

fun activities for children to do, while also adding value

to their education.

Each child will be given one cue card to follow the duty through the month.

The child's participation will then be rewarded based on his interest in the work.

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forms are derived from elements that are used in that profession.


To infuse competition, children will be awarded will collectible tazos based on the work the do!

The more jobs you do and tazos you collect,

the better!

Tazos for traffic co-ordinator with patterns inspired from zebra crossing, signal and  traffic cones.

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Other collaterals from the kit-

a personal diary magazine for each child to fill in their thoughts about these activities, postcards, tazos and more!

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