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Packaging & Campaign Design

Hypothetical Packaging for Chumbak Makeup Range
Graduation Project

Chumbak has been known as a gifting, souvenir brand since 2010. Since the last few years, it has evolved into a lifestyle brand offering various product categories. The brief was to visualise, strategize and execute this make-up launch within these areas :

Product Packaging

Look and Feel
Campaign Design

In-Store & Online Communication


The mood for the brand's makeup vertical was fun, playful yet chic.

skincare and makeup for me is therapeutic! its my me-time!
Priyanka , 22

I love trying new things when it comes to makeup and skincare, you never know what might click!
Aashna , 24

i love going crazy with makeup.
its my way to be creative!

Neha , 20

The product range contained two eyeshadow palettes and one combo kit which contains eyeshadows, blush and lip colours.

The eye shadow kits have one with nude, muted shades and

the other with bright vibrant shades.

The nude eye palette is named

'Daily Hustle'


- an everyday use palette for the working woman.

The vibrant eye palette is named



a play on the word mesmerize.

The combo face

kit is named

'you go girl!'


a cheer by women for women!

The chosen style of illustration was intricate, symmetrical background design with cats as the chosen theme in varying forms as the hero element.


The colours in this eyeshadow palette are vibrant and loud. The cats on this packaging are elegant and have accentuated eyes to bring out the product.


This palette is for everyday use, the colours in this are muted tones and dull shimmers. The cat here is a powerful tigress as a symbol of the working woman.


You go girl is a combo palette with a mix of eyeshadows, blush and lip colours.

The cats here are Royal Queen Cats to bring out the well known cheer "You go Girl!"


The campaign was to be called 'Shine on!'. With this new makeup line, the message of the campaign remains the same, to enhance your look without changing it.

This was my Graduation Project as a student of Final Year, Visual Communication at MIT Institute of Design.

This project is a hypothetical packaging developed while interning with Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd.

All rights to the above project rest with the same.